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Olga S/A Industria e Comércio


maior fabricante da América Latina de produtos paratratamento mecânico de superfícies.

Company » History

Olga S.A is proud of being pioneer in the manufacture of polishing products in Brazil.

Our history begins in 1927, and since then we have led the research and technological development for the production of raw materials and polishing products.

Great examples of this leadership are the abrasives, fabrics and treatments that were specially developed by the company.

We were the pioneers in the production of liquid abrasives, and even today we lead the segment in this product.

Olga S.A's Timeline:

1927 - Mr. Frederico Serrachi creates Serrachi Abrasives.
1960 - Abrasives Serrachi is renamed Abrasives and Polishers Olga S / A.
1966 - Construction of the Guarulhos plant and introduction of bauxites as the main abrasive in the manufacture of abrasives pastes.
1971 - First productions of liquid abrasives pastes.
1975 - The manufacture of abrasives discs begins.
1980 - Curimbaba Group acquires Olga S / A.
1987 - For the first time the volume of liquid abrasives exceeds the volume of solids.
1994 - Introduction of new abrasives paste formulations.
2000 - Start of fabric treatments with water-based resins.
2008 - ISO 9001 Certification
2015 - Start of supply of liquid abrasives in reusable containers.